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Welcome to BHRC
Bhandari Hospital & Research Centre, Indore is a Multi Specialty Critical Care Hospital with current capacity of 112 beds. The hospital has all the facilities from canteen to pharmacy providing complete care of the patient and a peace of mind to the attendant. With profound management, doctors and nursing team we assure you the best healthcare facilities with a human touch. This hospital is located in the heart of the city on an enormous land. The layout is completely done with the finishing items like flooring, central oxygen pipeline and air conditioning left and its all expected to be completed by May end. With Cardiac Care its specialty, a tourist spot as well as the neighboring towns & villages. We regularly get patients from towns & villages. Super specialist doctors are available, routine visits daily to the Bhandari Hospital like Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Cardiologists, Chest Physicians, Dermatologist, ENT Specialist, Gastroenterologist, GI Surgeons, Neurologists, Neuro-Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Urology Specialist, Vascular & Endo Vascular Specialists are few of the doctors who board the Bhandari Hospital. General Surgeries & Cardiac Surgeries are performed at the hospital.
Director's Message


Dr. Mohit Bhandari
MS (Gen. Surgery) Gold Medalist
Advance Postgraduate Diploma in
Minimal Access Surgery,
University of Strasbourg
Director BHRC

Dr. Shilpa Bhandari
MD (Obst. & Gyn.)
Gold Medalist
Director BHRC
       Year after year, many of us vow to live healthy. Still, as a nation we have vastly ill population. We need to adopt healthy lifestyle changes throughout the year and make them habits for life. In today’s world it’s important for each one of us to know ourselves, and our problems as best we can.

       On Bhandari Hospital & Research Centre, Indore website is a small effort to provide you the basic information about the disease. It is my hope that you will read all the information carefully, and this will help you to understand the diseases.

       Be sure to share this information with your loved ones so that they, too, can discover their pathway to healing. Recently we have started ‘LASER’ (Laparoscopy Academy of Surgical Education and Research) and Infertility workup & treatment. A dedicated weight management and obesity centre is on the cards with facility for Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery.

News & Events

Dr. Mohit Bhandari ( son of Dr. Vinod Bhandari, Founder of BHRC ) awarded the MGM Blue Medal for Best Student. Dr. Mohit Bhandari topped the 2003 batch with 11 Gold Medals.

OPD Sections inaugurated at Shri Aurobindo Institute of Management Sciences, Sanwer Road.

Bhandari Hospital & Research Centre is proud to announce the inaugration of Free Eye Checking Camp.


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