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Casuality Care Unit

  To provide you any type of medical or surgical emergency, BHRC Casualty Care Unit continuous to remain open 24X7 and situated on the entrance for quick response.
Contact Emergency Medicine Administrator in any case you required any medical emergency assistance:
Administrator – Emergency Medical Services
Reception    0731-4733251 or 4733260
The Critical Care Unit is fully equipped with trained staff to provide you emergency assistance.


EMS Services (ICU on Wheels)


We are having state of art ICU on Wheels equipped with special features to facilitate faster and smoother transfer of critically ill patients between cities or hospitals. Our Ambulance is equipped with highend equipments like ventilator, sophisticated monitors with defibrillator etc. for transport of patients.
We are equipped with highly trained paramedical staff to meet all level of emegencies.
EMS Services (ICU On Wheels) available 24/7, you can also contact at
0731-4733260 to avail the service in emergency.

  Out Patient Department Facility

We have multispeciality OPD with diagnostic support. The objective of OPD services is to provide best care by our expert consultants.




Services Available

  OPD Services offered at BHRC are broadly classified in 3 categories –
  A. Routine or General
  B. Specialty OPD






General Surgery

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Ear, Nose & Throat

Opthalmology (Eye Care)







General Medicine



Skin & VD


    Timings for specialty OPD may vary depending upon the specialty, and the day
  C. Super specialty OPD    








Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery

Infertility & High Risk Pregnancy


Vascular Surgery

Surgical Gastroenterology (Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Surgeries)



Paediatric Cardiology

Plastic Surgery



Fetal Medicine

Orthopedics- Knee and Hip Replacement

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Gastroenterology (Endoscopy, ERCP, GI)


Medical Oncology

Surgical Oncology

Paediatric Surgery



  Diagnostic Services



Equipped with latest and ultra-advanced equipment like Viterous 250, Biochemistry Analyzer, Cell Counter, Co-agulometers, light and electron Microscopes, the pathology department of the hospital can carry out any pathological, Biochemical, Microbiological, Cytological,histopathological and immunological investigation with utmost precision,  accuracy and speed.
Our laboratory is certified by the Department of Health and by state health norms. We can perform most testing needed for your Consultant to diagnose acute illness during your visit. Many of these results are available within one to two days of collection.
The department works on ‘Zero-error’ basis and to achieve this, it has developed a system of checks and cross checks.
The department also has Blood Bank with component separation facility.
Any testing that cannot be performed here is sent to an appropriate testing facility.




Department is equipped with High end Ultrasound systems, Digital X-Ray machine and spiral CT Scan.
Our new, digital x-ray system provides near-instant results so your Consultant can quickly evaluate you. All x-rays are sent to a radiologist for a formal reading and report. These reports are typically available within one to two days.
4-D Colour Doppler with Trans-esophageal probe is the latest addition that has revolutionized the Doppler studies in the diagnosis of diseases and BHRC is the one and only in central India to catch hold of this wonderful tool of modern medicine.



  The flat Panel digital Cath Lab, Angiography machine is the first of its kind in central India to have been established in BHRC. This latest and most advanced machine has made the procedure of Angiography and Angioplasty to be performed with highest degree of precision and accuracy and now it has become possible to find out even the smallest of a block in the smallest of an artery. Other diagnostic tools include –

T.M.T. (Trademill)

Holter Monitoring

4-D Echo-Cardiography

Foetal/Cardiac Tocography

Multichannel ECG






Spiral CT Scan, EEG, EMG and DSA facilities make the task of a neurophysician and neurosurgeon in diagnosing typical neurological problems much more easy and simpler.

LAPROSCOPY, ENDOSCOPY AND  ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND make it possible not only to perform curative procedures but also enable the doctor to have a direct view of the internal organs. so as to ensure and confirm it’s structural and functional integrity.



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