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Bhandari Hospital & Research Center



We are proud to have some of the best professionals working with us. The list of doctors providing their services at BHRC is as follows:

  General Surgery    

Dr. Arun Raghuwanshi (PART TIME)

Dr. Mahak Bhandari (FULL TIME)

Dr. Arun Mishra (PART TIME)

Dr. Sandeep Rathore (PART TIME)

  Obst. & Gynea    

Dr. Manjushree Bhandari (FULL TIME)

Dr. Shweta Bhandari (FULL TIME)

Dr. Pallavi Agrawal (PART TIME)

  General Medicine    

Dr. Praveen Dani (FULL TIME)

Dr. A.M. Gandhe (PART TIME)

Dr. Mukesh Chouhan (PART TIME)


Dr. Ashish Soni (FULL TIME)

Dr. Sachin Chhabra (PART TIME)

Dr. Atul Bandi (PART TIME)

Dr. Arjun Jain (PART TIME)


Dr. Shilpi Mehta (PART TIME)

Dr. Himanshu Kelkar (PART TIME)

Dr. Ashish Jaiswal (FULL TIME)


Dr. Shailendra Karnawat (PART TIME)

Dr. Arvind Kinger (PART TIME)


Dr. Virendra Jha (PART TIME)

Dr. Vandana T. Manoj (PART TIME)

Dr. Abha Verma (PART TIME)

  Skin & VD     Dr. Sheetal Sethi (PART TIME)
  Psychiatry     Dr. Pawan Rathi (PART TIME)
  Respiratory Medicine    

Dr. Ravi Dosi (PART TIME)

Dr. Pramod Jhawar (PART TIME)

  Nephrology     Dr. Naresh Pahwa (PART TIME)
  Cardiology     Dr. Siddhant Jain (PART TIME)
  Cardio Thoracic Surgery     Dr. Dhiraj Gandhi(FULL TIME)
  Endocrinology     Dr. Subodh Banzal (PART TIME)
  Gastroenterology     Dr. Mohd. Talha Noor (PART TIME)

Dr. Amit Vyas (PART TIME)

Dr. Aveg Bhandari (PART TIME)

  Neurosurgery     Dr. Nilesh Jain (PART TIME)
  Medical Oncology     Dr. Prakash Chitalkar (PART TIME)
  Oncology (Radiotherapy)     Dr. Virendra Bhandari (PART TIME)
  Surgical Oncology     Dr. Mayank Pancholi (PART TIME)
  Paediatric Cardiology     Dr. Ravi Ranjan Tripathi (PART TIME)
  Plastic Surgery     Dr. Nishant Khare (PART TIME)
  Gastro Surgeons     Dr. Mohit Bhandari (PART TIME)

Dr. Santosh Agarwal (PART TIME)

Dr. Saurabh Chipde (PART TIME)

  Vascular Surgery     Dr. Tarun Gandhi (PART TIME)
  Paediatric Surgery     Dr. Adwait Prakash (PART TIME)

Dr. Munira Abbas (FULL TIME)

Dr. Saman Sidique (PART TIME)

  Pathologist     Dr. Satish Joshi (FULL TIME)

Dr. C.S. Yadav (FULL TIME)

Dr. Ajit Ahuja (PART TIME

  Anesthetist     Dr. L.C. Soni (FULL TIME)
  Physiotherapist     Dr. Nisha Mishra
  Dietician     Dr. Tahira Khan


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